What is Wellness? Ultimate Guide to Understand the Concept

what is wellness

Wellness is relatively a modern term with primitive roots. The answer to what is wellness is being in good mental and physical health. The reason is that your physical and mental health are linked closely – an issue in one area can directly impact the other. Similarly, when you work on one aspect of wellness, for instance, improving your mental health can also benefit your physical health and other aspects.

Are you still confused about what is wellness and how it works? No problem you can find the perfect answer here about what is the concept of wellness and how different aspects of it are interlinked. Moreover, other than getting the answer of what is wellness, you can find the comparison between wellness and well-being for better understanding. So, give yourself a few minutes to read to start working on your health and fitness.

What is Wellness?

The state of being physically, socially, and mentally well – including the whole well-being aspects of an individual rather than relying on only the absence of infirmity or disease.

It is crucial to notice that wellness is an ongoing, holistic, and intentional approach. The answer to what is wellness is making healthy choices in all dimensions of wellness. You can not achieve a state of well-being without giving consideration to all major areas of its functioning. People often spend time to make themselves physically attractive and financially successful while overlooking their emotional state. This can be the biggest mistake as without being mentally healthy we cannot deliver our hundred percent.

Understand the Continuum of Wellness

What is Wellness - Understand the Continuum of Wellness
Medical StandardWellness Standard
Diagnose, treat, and cure illnessSustain and improve health
Feel betterThrive
Clinical responsibilityIndividual responsibility
CompartmentalizedIntegrated into life

Let’s understand the concept of wellness by considering health as a continuum. It extends from the state of illness to optimal health and fitness. People on one side with poor health always struggle to treat their illnesses. They keep interacting with clinicians and doctors who provide precautions and care. People on the other side focus on improving their vitality and try preventive measures. They adopt a lifestyle to maximize their health and quality of life.

One important thing to understand the answer of what is wellness is that wellness is different from healthcare. Wellness is preventive, driven, and proactive by self-responsibility. The healthcare system is a reactive approach that works through the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases. On the contrary, wellness is a proactive approach that works through pursuing a healthy lifestyle and optimal wellbeing. Hence, attaining complete wellness prevents or overcomes diseases and gives a person a physically and mentally fit life.

Wellness Vs. Wellbeing

wellness vs. wellbeing

The terms wellness and wellbeing are often used interchangeably or together. However, the easiest way to remember the difference between these two terms is that:

The word wellness describes the ‘journey’


The wellbeing state means the ‘destination’

It is about the activities, intentions, and actions of a personIt is about the perception to get the state of being well
Commonly used in the context of private and business sectorCommonly used in the government and policy sector for wellbeing budgeting
Shown in a prominent physical dimensionShown in a prominent emotional/mental dimension
Explain your journey to attain a state of complete happiness and wellbeingExplains the destination that you got after following the wellness journey

Dimensions of Wellness

dimensions of wellness

To attain wellbeing state you need to work on 9 dimensions of wellness. All of these dimensions live on each other and have many overlapping conditions. If one dimension gets disturbed it’s going to affect your overall wellness. Therefore, you need to look after every dimension to attain complete wellness. Here you may be thinking how can we work on so many aspects together isn’t it complicated? No, it’s quite easy and you can easily manage your overall wellness state by incorporating some simple tips and tricks into your life.

These 9 dimensions of wellness together make your wellness journey successful and give you the answer to what is wellness.

Physical WellnessRegular physical activity or a 30-minute walk or 5 days a week exercise schedule
Follow a healthy diet plan and consume more fiber-rich foods including vegetables and fruits
Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
Emotional WellnessUnderstand what type of events trigger your emotions Try to replace negative thoughts and think positively Keep practicing positive thoughts for 30 days regularly
Spiritual WellnessKeep yourself indulged in inspiring activities
Start developing an attitude of gratitude
Try to find joy in every aspect of your living journey  
Financial WellnessMake a plan for your finances and spending
Prioritize as per your needs and set goals
Try different saving hacks as per your requirements  
Career WellnessChoose a profession according to your dreams
Try self-care and self-healing techniques at your workplace
Try creating and then sustaining a productive mindset  
Social WellnessDisconnect yourself from technology for at least 30 minutes daily
Connect with your community and loved ones
Try improving your communication and listening skills  
Intellectual WellnessDevelop a habit of learning or reading
Try to explore by visiting libraries, museums, some public lectures, etc.
Practice meditation and mindfulness by maintaining your focus on the present moment
Environmental WellnessTry to be environmentally friendly while traveling or going on a picnic
Use recycled water bottles, shopping bags, etc.
While taking a shower or brushing your teeth keep the water tab off when not needed  
Creative WellnessTry to find your creative side as we all have a certain creative ability
You can try sketching, pottery, or cooking
Select a way that expresses yourself and makes you feel happy

Frequently Asked Questions

Define what is the concept of wellness?

Wellness is often considered in terms of physical health and fitness but it incorporates many other elements. It is a holistic integration of mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing alongside your financial health. You can keep on reading the article above about what is wellness to better understand the concept.

Why wellness is important?

Imagine there are two people – one who is physically healthy and has no illnesses or injuries. And another one who is not only physically fit but has a healthy mindset as well. Who do you think is better at living a happy life? Of course, the second one is because he is not only living life but enjoying it up to the maximum with complete wellness.


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