Elevate Your Environmental Wellness with 7 Tips and Tricks

Elevate Your Environmental Wellness with 7 Tips and Tricks

Live in harmony with your earth – understand your personal environment and the influence of your interaction with nature

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Your overall wellness is closely linked with your environmental wellness. This wellness dimension includes your relationship with nature and how you protect the world around you. Sometimes it’s quite challenging to make effective changes in your environment. However, it’s not necessary to make huge changes like moving to a new house.

There are numerous small things that you can use to implement effective change in your environmental wellness. Here you can find 7 tips and tricks that can be incorporated to elevate your environmental wellness. These changes do not cost or need extra time in fact they are quite easy to follow on a regular basis.

What is Environmental Wellness?

Generally, we do not realize how the outer environment impacts our emotional and mental well-being. Even our physical spaces have a more powerful impact nowadays as many people live and work in the same space. Outer surroundings have a great contribution to our inner self, that’s why environmental well-being is an important part of the dimensions of wellness.

It’s hard to live healthy and happy under an unsafe and chaotic nature. Environmental wellness means occupying stimulating and pleasant environments that promote wellness.

It includes:

  • Recycling, reducing, and reusing
  • Enjoying nature and having time outdoors
  • Biking or using public transport when possible or even sometimes walking
  • Trying to add fresh food and water to life
  • Keeping your workplace and home organized and clean
  • Feeling safe in your surroundings

 7 Tips to Elevate Your Environmental Wellness

Are you wondering how to nourish your environmental wellness? Check out the tips given below:

1. Bring More Nature into Your Life

Bring More Nature into Your Life - Environmental Wellness

Nature exposure is as crucial for your physical and mental health as exercise and food. When you spend some time outdoors on a regular basis – it boosts your self-esteem and mood while reducing stress levels. Because nature itself has a healing ability for tormented hearts and souls.

There’s no need to move to a naturally beautiful area to implement this tip. In fact, there are numerous methods to bring nature to your home. You may be thinking how – let’s have a look at some simple ways:

  • Add some houseplants
  • Make sure to walk on a regular basis
  • Use some natural materials for decor like bamboo
  • Put on some paintings of any beautiful landscape
  • Open your windows and let some sunshine get in every morning
  • Do some meditation every morning on your terrace

2. Use Recycled and Eco-Friendly Materials

Use Recycled and Eco-Friendly Materials

Another great way to promote environmental wellness is by using recycled and eco friendly materials. This way we can also save our planet from pollution and much more. There are also many other benefits when you become eco friendly. For instance a feeling that you are positively impacting your environment can also impact your mental health positively.

You can start by taking small steps like:

  • Reduce the number of plastic materials you use
  • An easy step is to avoid plastic straws  
  • Prefer reusable bags (e.g., cotton produce bags)
  • Do not leave the tap running while cleaning dishes or brushing your teeth
  • When you leave your room press the light button
  • Prefer using reusable water bottles

3. Improve the Air Quality Around

Improve the Air Quality Around

Do you often sneeze a lot? Or feel wheezy? Or have itchy eyes? This might be due to the fact that you are allergic to dust or any other allergens in your home. To reduce the level of these allergens in your surroundings, implement these few things:

  • Always keep your home clean and free from dust
  • Make sure to keep washing your bedding on a regular basis
  • Open your windows for better ventilation
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to avoid mess
  • If possible, invest in an air purifier

This way you cannot only reduce allergens but also can also improve the quality of your indoor environment.

4. Dedicate One Part of Your Home as a Stress-Free Zone

Dedicate One Part of Your Home as a Stress-Free Zone

Your home should be a place to escape from all the stresses of your life. It should be a place which you can call relaxing heaven. However, if you are a busy person then it’s easier said than done. In case you cannot improve the quality of your overall home, consider changing one corner of it.

You can dedicate one corner or a room of your home to make it a stress free zone. You can choose any area as it could be your living room, bedroom, terrace, or even your garden shed. Make sure to convert it into a place where you can feel stress free and get some time to relax. You can fill this space with different things that make you happy like photos of your family and friends, candles, plants, etc. You can make the space comfortable to meditate, nap, read, or just relax.

10 Best Tips to Boost Your Emotional Wellness

To get back your emotional wellness and mental peace you can take help from these boosting tips. All of these tips are easy to incorporate in life and can have a great positive impact on your overall wellness. The article also helps in understanding how you can improve your ability to cope with your every feeling. You can get to know the fact here that wellness is not about being happy always and many other facts too.

5. Try To Make Your Travel Environmentally Friendly

People often neglect this point by thinking about how it’s better for our environmental wellness. But the fact is when you travel environmentally friendly, you are directly making your contribution to pollution reduction. As we all know air is getting more polluted and toxic every day and causing numerous health issues through breathing.

Make sure to travel environmentally friendly whenever it is possible for you. For instance prefer walking whenever possible or using your bicycle for small distances to your car. You can also use public transport if you get this as an option.

6. Prefer Natural Alternatives in Place of Chemical Cleaning Products

Prefer Natural Alternatives in Place of Chemical Cleaning Products

Have you ever read about the chemical composition of your conventional cleaning products? If your answer is no, then go and read any one label as it’s important to be aware of how much quantity of harmful chemicals is present inside these products. They are not only toxic for yourself but also have huge drawbacks for the environment as well.

You can find plenty of alternatives for chemical-based cleaning products. For instance:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils
  • Lemon juice
  • Borax

7. Limit Your Overall Screen Timing

Limit Your Overall Screen Timing

Technology is an inescapable part of this modern lifestyle that occupies every aspect of it. For instance, we use tablets, laptops, and smartphones all the time for both work and personal purposes. However, technology can decline our overall health if becomes excessive.

When we are at work it’s necessary to interact with technology. But while at home think twice about how much time you are giving to screens. You can try to limit your screen time for environmental wellness through numerous strategies like:

  • Turn off your television a few hours before sleep
  • Make sure to leave your phone at least an hour before sleep
  • Get a book of your interest and develop a reading habit before sleep
  • If you work from home, take some regular screen breaks
  • Leave your laptop aside for a few minutes and get up and walk for some time
  • Do not leave your devices near you while sleeping

Frequently Asked Questions

How does environmental wellness affect your overall health?

Environmental wellness helps improve your overall health and eliminates the toxicity from your surroundings. When you start working on your environmental health you can start feeling fresh both from inside and outside. It provides a sustainable lifestyle and also protects natural resources around. This way you can eliminate excessive waste and pollutants which helps nourish the natural inhabitant.

What are the prominent aspects of environmental wellness?

Environmental wellness includes every aspect of your life including physical and emotional wellness. other than your social and creative health also improves when you start working on your surroundings.

What are the components of environmental wellness?

Noise pollution
Food safety
Air quality
Vector control
Waste management
Healthful housing
Plastic consumption
These factors play a major role in the health of your environment. If you keep them under check your surroundings will not only get better for you but also for others. For instance, reducing plastic consumption has a positive impact on overall living beings.


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