11 Best Creative Wellness Tips to Support Your Health

11 Best Creative Wellness Tips to Support Your Health

One of the most enjoyable creative wellness practices is expressing your emotions through artistic activities. Many researches show that arts can play a vital role in your overall wellness plan – whether you work as an initiator of your own creative pursuits or as only an observer of any creative works. It can enhance your emotions, moods, and psychological states and primarily impact your health parameters.

Creative expression is considered one of the key aspects to achieving a complete well state. More than 100 studies about the benefits of arts (visual arts, writing, dance, music, etc.) proved that creativity had a strong impact on the overall health of numerous patients. Engagement in the arts promotes positive emotions, reduces stress and depressive symptoms, and even in some cases improves the functioning of the immune system.

Let’s dive deep into the topic to understand better how creative wellness works and helps your overall wellness journey.

Best Creative Wellness Tips to Promote Well-Being State

When you add small acts of creativity and self-care into your daily routine – it reduces your stress level, helps you prepare for new challenges, and energizes your mind and body. Hence, the more exploration you do the more attention you provide to creative endeavors. Isn’t it a beautiful cycle?

Here are some of the effective creative wellness ways to support your health and fitness.

1. Practice Gratitude to Boost your Mood

Practice Gratitude to Boost your Mood - Creative Wellness

Finding out your sources of joy is the most crucial aspect of feeling satisfied. This is an essential element of your overall wellness. Did you know there are numerous of scientific evidence about how practicing gratitude uplifts your mood? When you practice a thankful attitude on a regular basis it improves:

  • Alertness
  • Positive emotions
  • More compassion
  • Better sleep
  • Satisfaction and happiness

You only need to give a few minutes regularly to jot down the things you are grateful about and what makes you happy. For instance, people you like sitting with, books you love reading, hobbies that release stress, food you enjoy the most, etc. If you make it a routine of at least recalling one gratitude daily, your health and well-being state will get prominent positive effects.

2. Analyze Through a Mood Collage

Analyze Through a Mood Collage

Another way to improve your creative wellness is through acknowledging your personal lows and highs. We all know getting both good and bad is a part of human life. Therefore, instead of labeling your feelings as bad or good – try to express them through a mood collage.

Firstly, think about the words, images, shapes, and colors that represent your mind’s mental state. Secondly, use any of these art supply combinations and create your picture. All that matters is the process of creation which allows you to draw your inner thoughts and let out your frustrations. Afterward, you can choose to share it, keep it, display it, hide it, or even discard it.

Tips to Boost Your Emotional Wellness

Your creative wellness gets highlighted and affected by your mood and emotional state and both of them overlap like any other wellness dimension. In addition to the best creative wellness tips check out these tips and tricks which you can use to boost and enhance your emotional wellness. Some of the points of the best creative wellness tips also work for emotional well-being state so check both and start improving your overall wellness.

3. Create Your Own Version of Calendar

Create Your Own Version of Calendar

Rather than filling your calendar with tasks, deadlines, and obligations – try to focus on highlighting the small rewards to reduce stress. You can use an advent calendar for inspiration or create your own version (either without or with flaps, or windows).

While creating your own calendar version, you can fill each day of the month with:

  • A motivational quote
  • Activity that you feel as nourishment
  • A compliment for yourself
  • A doodle to make

4. Use a Quote to Get Started

Use a Quote to Get Started

Sometimes you cannot find the accurate words to express your ideas and feelings. At that moment you can take inspiration from someone else’s words to get started. It can be a line from your favorite poem or novel, some lyric of a song, a family saying, or a quotation from a person you admire. Even a single image or word can give you an idea of flow and improve your creative wellness.

5. Take a Deep Breath to Relax Yourself

Take a Deep Breath to Relax Yourself

When you relax your body and clear your mind, you actually make room for new aims and ideas to flow in. The most effective way to do that is through controlling breathing. Take a deep breath and get yourself relaxed to:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Improve concentration
  • Calm your nerves
  • Boost your immune system

You can start by lying or sitting in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath while expanding your belly then take a pause and do it again. Keep your inhale and exhale process slowly while counting up to five. Repeat the position 5 to 10 times and do it as many times as you need.

6. Color a Mandala Art for Self-Expression

Color a Mandala Art for Self-Expression

Another way to boost your creative wellness is through coloring or drawing an abstract pattern such as mandala. Generally, mandalas are geometric, circular designs with repeating symbols and shapes. They help in establishing and maintaining your focus. You can sketch your own mandala freehand or get printable mandala patterns from the market or online. You can also use drawing tools such as a classic Spirograph kit, to design your own spirals for self-expression.

7. Make a Memory Jar or Box

Color a Mandala Art for Self-Expression

Collect some of the best elements of your scrapbooking in a 3D format, that appears unique such as celebrating storytelling, crafting, and memories. You can start with a large shoebox or jar having an opening lid or cut. Decorate the outer side of the jar with paint, paper, gems, or any material you like. Place inside your memories, drawings, quotes, or photos.

You can fill this jar in one sitting or over a period of some weeks. Keep checking on these memories like reaching out to one memory or card every day to keep your mood lifted. You can also check these memories whenever you feel low or depressed. Studies proved recalling our positive memories can boost our mood in difficult times. This way you can also improve your creative wellness by designing and collecting cards in versatile ways.

8. Move to Music for Good Vibes

8. Move to Music for Good Vibes

Music has a healing power and is a great way to support your creative wellness. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean you need to have a soulful voice or dancing abilities. You also don’t need to start dancing to release bad emotions. Simply, you can throw a party for yourself by cranking up the volume. Try yoga or aerobics while putting on mellow tunes. Or just shake out your limbs or try jumping jacks.

To enjoy music there is no need to follow some magic formula. In fact, as long as you feel good on any beat or any move – it’s perfect. You can try singing also as for some people singing is like healing their souls. Sing your thoughts out when you are alone at home or when you are among your friends. It improves your vocal cords and way of makes your way of thinking more creative.

9. Start Flower Arrangement or Herb Garden

Start Flower Arrangement or Herb Garden

Nature itself is therapeutic for many of us. Focusing on the natural wonders and working your hands into the soil can be healing. Especially when you put yourself in front of a screen for long hours, an outdoor activity can be best. Spending some of your time planting seeds or arranging cut flowers in a vase can relax your mind. It improves your creative wellness by:

  • Shifting your attention toward natural beauty
  • Calming your aggressive thoughts
  • Relaxing your nerves and releasing stress
  • Allowing you to think more deeply
  • Improving your creativity

10. List Down Your Dreams or Goals

List Down Your Dreams or Goals

Have you ever tried journaling or writing down your ambitions? If No, or if you are not a big fan of writing, start by noting down small things. Because writing is a great way to express yourself without hesitation. So, give it a try as sometimes it acts as a complete therapy. You can incorporate it in different ways like starting from writing a single goal or some inspirational quote. Or if you are already into it then list down your dreams and goals to feel enthusiastic. It can act as a tool to support your creative wellness.

11. Meditate to Calm Your Mind

Meditate to Calm Your Mind

Research proves meditation is a perfect source to support your mental and creative wellness. You can try different methods of meditation whatever works for you. It does not necessarily mean you have to achieve perfect stillness. Try focusing on a sound, pattern, color, or object in front of you. Make sure to not focus on something extra sentimental. You can start with 5 minutes of focus, but it should be on a regular basis to make it a habit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative wellness activities?

Some of the activities to boost your creativity are:
Meditate whenever you feel it’s needed or 5 minutes a day
Try some artistic activities
Clean your house and area around
Cook your favorite recipe
Write down one gratitude daily
Take care of your plants

Why it is important to take care of your creative wellness?

When you start improving your creativity it also helps in getting cognitive strength and boosts your immune system. Other than these creative activities are necessary to improve your critical thinking and efficiency. It also helps in decreasing stress levels, depressive symptoms, and shallowness.


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