Wellness is Unique for Everyone — It Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Wellness is Unique for Everyone — It Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Wellness is unique for everyone – it is not one-size-fits-all. It does not center only around drinking detox water, having green tea in the morning, making diet plans, or doing yoga twice a week. It incorporates everything collectively that keeps your mind, body, and soul healthy. From taking something healthy for breakfast to spending time on your peace of mind, reading books, going out with loved ones, setting better boundaries, and much more.

Break your traditional myth about being well, and stop allowing consumers of social media to promote an aesthetically pleasing wellness version. Instead, start creating your own concept of a fulfilling and healthy life. Make sure to include your physical and mental health factors inside, as wellness is all about keeping yourself healthy and at peace of mind. For a close understanding keep on reading the article, wellness is unique for everyone — it is not one-size-fits-all.

Wellness is Unique for Everyone: What Does It Mean?

The concept of wellness means stepping into a healthy lifestyle that positively impacts your overall health. But it does not mean physical health only while including all the core aspects that collectively create wellness of a person – emotional, physical, mental, environmental, social, and spiritual. The Global Wellness Institute has defined wellness as:

“The active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”

wellness means stepping into a healthy lifestyle

This proves wellness is actually a “self-responsibility” that should be taken by all individuals to prevent diseases (both mental and physical). The concept leads to the conclusion of making healthy choices and adopting the right lifestyle.

The famous wellness practices include;

  • Avoiding unhealthy habits
  • Adopting healthy practices
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Moving your body on a daily basis
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Indulging in self-care habits

Simply stated, a wellness journey is all about putting these practices into action – and changing your lifestyle to support your requirements in a better way.

Key Benefits of a Well-being Lifestyle

Key Benefits of a Well-being Lifestyle

Frankly speaking, if you are not taking care of your wellness, you cannot perform flawlessly in your daily routine. Your productivity and performance highly depend upon ‘how well you are’. Give it a thought – how do you expect to step forward toward your goals every day if you only have a 3-hour sleep routine or are hardly keeping yourself hydrated? How do you expect to deliver ideally if you are not taking time to prioritize your health and fitness?

Invest in yourself, to be more productive, and to secure both your health and wealth.

Having a wellness lifestyle that suits you, will help you with:

Live a rewarding and more fulfilling life - Wellness is Unique for Everyone — It Is Not One-Size-Fits-All
  • Live a rewarding and more fulfilling life
  • Built your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Enhance your mental health
  • Boosts your productivity
  • Feel physically perfect and in shape
  • Built up your focus towards goals  
  • Inspires a healthy weight loss
  • Manage your anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Nourishes a deeper sense of self-love
  • Reduces the risks of chronic illnesses
  • And much more!
Reduces the risks of chronic illnesses

When you feel at your best, you can tackle daily life challenges with better capabilities of yours and still can step towards your dreams/goals.

So, start your wellness journey to unlock your hidden potential, but make sure to make this journey yours not a copy-paste of someone else.

The Dark Side of the Concept “Wellness”

The Dark Side of the Concept “Wellness”

From previous decades the core meaning of wellness has been overshadowed by misleading concepts. Because the term that is supposed to be an essential positive word is now becoming increasingly toxic, intimidating, and quite frankly pretentious. People are buying into the modern wellness trends to be healthier, younger, and fit, from ridiculously expensive treatments and beauty products to bizarre health diets and luxury retreats.

The truth is, there is no need to consume green juices on a daily basis or to start your day with a 50-minute-long meditation to be “well”. You can add these practices to your routine only if you enjoy doing them, if not, then they’ll be nothing more than a burden to your mind.

Wellness, as accordingly is not something that depends upon ridiculously expensive skin treatments, beauty products, or bizarre diet foods. It certainly does not require $10k per month on a luxury health retreat.

Your wellness journey can be affordable, easy, and sustainable.

Wellness is Unique for Everyone – Keep it Your Way

Wellness is Unique for Everyone – Keep it Your Way

It’s important to acknowledge while starting your wellness journey that;

“You are implementing healthy modifications in your routine for your well-being, only for You”

Everyone’s idea about the wellness journey is different and works distinctly for every person. Social media platforms emphasize versatile inflexible practices like drinking a smoothie, doing an intense workout, or giving yourself an hour break in the morning time. Which is practically not possible for everyone, for instance, if you are a mom, are low on budget, or have a long work hour schedule, it’s practically impossible for you to get along with such practice.

We have also gone far away with the idea of ‘perfect from head to toe’ and wellness has been reduced to luxury practices like branded face masks, expensive surgeries, gym memberships, and much more.

In reality, your wellness journey is not supposed to be of perfect appearance or aesthetically pleasing. It is not about waking up at 4 a.m. when you slept at 12 at night, to just follow a 12-step skincare routine and then heading to the gym with a protein shake whose taste you never liked. Social media is not always correct, and one thing that fits someone does not necessarily need to be applicable to all.

You can surely wake up at 4 am and go to the gym but only if it makes you feel good or you can have a green smoothie in the morning if you feel fresh afterward. If you are not comfortable with the smoothie’s taste you can incorporate something different in your diet that you like, or you can just reduce your meal portion. You can have a look at the 10 tips to start your wellness journey – to initiate a better lifestyle.

 Wellness means things that makes you healthy from inside out

Remember “wellness is about following those practices that make you healthy from inside out, that can keep you active and more energetic, and ones that can keep you away from diseases”.

Make Your Own Wellness Journey – But Keep It Healthy

Make Your Own Wellness Journey – But Keep It Healthy

Following your own wellness journey doesn’t mean you can have tons of sugar items because you like them, or you can just sit and never exercise because you are comfortable with it. It means you can have your favorite sweets but reduce their quantity or try to have them in healthy ways, likewise, you can start exercising for ten minutes only thrice a week or add another physical activity like walking.

A healthy lifestyle means;

A healthy lifestyle means
  • Not following patterns to become like “that girl/boy”
  • Not getting obsessed with super health-conscious modifications
  • It is about avoiding burnout
  • Becoming comfortable with yourself
  • Loving yourself unconditionally (no obsession)
  • Putting your happiness and mental well-being at first place
  • Setting a positive atmosphere around
  • Avoiding unhealthy things to please your inner self

Sometimes it’s quite challenging, uncomfortable, and emotional to incorporate these changes, but gradual process and consistency are the key factors for a perfect healthy lifestyle.

Simply remember – there is no specific right or wrong criteria for wellness, it does not mean ditching carbs, exercising for an hour, or eating clean. Don’t try to follow it just because it’s trending.

Let’s normalize the reality that self-improvement is not about getting the same shape or size, it is about getting a normal healthy weight, having peace of mind, doing good, and taking care of your soul. Your every happy moment does not necessarily need a hashtag or Insta story.

In a nutshell, the concept of being healthy that suits someone does not ensure it’s going to be perfect for you too. Try finding your way of being healthy and fit. For instance, if somebody loves to spend time alone it might be good for their mental health too, but there is no surety it’s going to fit on everyone. There are people who love spending most of their time outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the true concept of wellness?

Adopting healthy practices on a daily basis to attain better mental and physical health, and to enjoy living rather than just surviving. For more details you can have a look at the article above wellness is unique for everyone.

Is the wellness journey different for different people?

Being in a state of well-being can never be the same for two people. Every person has a different body, mind, life events, DNA, environment, family life, capabilities, etc. all together play a part in making a person healthy and fit. A detailed explanation of the concept of wellness is unique for everyone, given in this article.

What are the four principles/dimensions of wellness?

The four dimensions of wellness as per the World Health Organization are physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. All these four principles of wellness together form a well-being. The other dimensions are described in the dimensions of wellness.


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