10 Tips to Start Your Wellness Journey: To Be Healthy

10 Tips to Start Your Wellness Journey

Every second person these days is discussing or promoting wellness and you might be feeling inspired to introduce such modifications into your life. It’s quite obvious to get overwhelmed at the start by versatile wellness tips and tricks but it does not have to be overly complicated. Here, in this article, you will find the simplest 10 tips to start your wellness journey, to achieve the goal of a healthy life.

Before proceeding towards 10 tips to start your wellness journey – there are a few crucial points that you should understand. Firstly – your wellness journey is going to be just like any other journey – with twists and turns, ups and downs, and challenges and breakthroughs. Secondly – it’s going to be your journey, it is quite natural to get influenced but don’t reach the stage of comparing yourself to others. Your wellness trip will be all about what your self requires – not what other people need or are doing.

Finally, your wellness journey is not going to be about physical health only. Being well means having both inner and outer comfort – comprising your soul, mind, and body.

10 Tips to Start Your Wellness Journey: Quick Summary

If you are short on time, you can have a quick overview of 10 tips to start your wellness journey, tips and tricks that are required to kick-start your wellness goal:

1Start With Small ThingsEvery meaningful change takes time, start your wellness journey with small steps like what you want to change most of all.
2Set Your Intentions and GoalsGet specific about what you want, decide the process, and calculate your overall intention.
3Be realistic and PatientIt’s difficult to directly jump into what you have decided to achieve, so keep yourself on the realistic pathway.
4Eliminate the Negativity AroundTry to remove everything that keeps you demotivated, like toxic relationships, untidy living spaces, social media trolling, etc.
5Get Support for YourselfTry to attach a friend with the same goal, follow some relevant social media platform, or install an App for monitoring
6Track Your ProgressKeep tracking your daily progress in a journal, make videos, click photos, or whatever you like, this will boost you up in times of failure.
7Be Strong and ResilientWhile encountering failures, keep asking yourself ‘It is okay’ get your mind up, dust off failure thoughts, and take a restart from where you are.  
8Love Yourself FirstSelf-love is crucial, prioritize yourself and take some time for yourself on a daily basis
9Use Your Inspiration as a MotivationGet the answer of who motivates you the most in the wellness world, and take inspiration from their journey, of course, modify it as per your needs.
10Centralize Your Own JourneyMost importantly, take inspiration but do not blindly follow others, make a plan according to your life and routine.

10 Tips to Start Your Wellness Journey

1. Start With Small Things

Start with small things - 10 Tips to Start Your Wellness Journey

You might be feeling thrilled to completely change or reinvent yourself, but hold down for a second, take a deep breath, and remember every meaningful change takes time. To avoid overwhelmed feelings, start with small goals, and define the meaning of well-being for you, if you really want to achieve wellness and a mindful lifestyle. This is the most crucial aspect of 10 tips to start your wellness journey.

Break down your wellness resolution into tiny or small steps and incorporate them into your daily routine. Keep yourself stuck to these small changes you have decided for your wellness journey and make them a habit. To select what small changes are required, get the answers to these questions;

  • What do I need most of all?
  • What do I need less of all?
  • What makes me feel good?
  • How and where in My routine I can fit a regular wellness practice?
  • What type of wellness practice I’m willing to commit to?
  • What type of difference this wellness practice is going to add to my life?

2. Set Your Intentions and Goals

Set your intentions and goals

Get Specific

Once you get the answers to what you prioritize – you will be clearer about your wellness pathway. This will be the time to get specific about what your goals are for your wellness journey. It is crucial to be very precise to measure your true progress.

For instance:

  • Do you want to follow a healthy diet lifestyle?
  • Do you want to lose 30 Ibs by the end of the year?
  • Do you want to develop a 20-minute meditation routine for peace of mind?

Decide the Process

The next step will be to decide how you are going to achieve this goal. Like from where you’ll be starting your diet modifications – by eliminating junk food from your diet? To lose 30 Ibs are you going to join a gym or will be reducing your portion size? Are you going to start meditation by dedicating five minutes in the morning?

Calculate Overall Intention

The reason for giving importance to your intention alongside goals is, eventually your goals are going to meet your deep desire. For instance, it is not about losing weight it’s about what happiness your body will get while losing some of it. Thus, to establish this pathway measure your overall intention first. Such as do you want to create a healthy atmosphere around? Do you want to have better concentration and focus on life? Do you want to have a peaceful mind and thoughts?

3. Be realistic and Patient

Be realistic and patient

You might want to solely follow healthy food patterns, want to exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week, or want to concentrate 20 minutes on meditation. But, at the same time, you may have a small budget, are a mum with very little time for yourself, work for long hours, or love your cheesy pasta. It’s quite difficult to directly shift from your current state to where you have a vision in mind.

Be realistic about what commitments and sacrifices you can make for a long, in this wellness journey. This is going to be a way of life, not a passing fad. So, if for one month you spend all your money on organic products, then in the following month will keep having cheap food items to manage other expenses, then the wellness commitment will wane really quickly.

Similarly, it’s way better to spend five minutes daily on stretching/meditation rather than doing a one-hour exercise now and again. Your aim should be to make a solid foundation for your overall well-being that demands consistency. Do what you have and what you can for a long time, and manage stepping forward as much as your life supports.

Portion Control Tips from Nutritionists

If you want to start your wellness journey with physical health – check out the 11 portion control tips from nutritionists. These tips are surely going to help you in effective weight loss without starvation. Also, people who don’t like dieting and tough exercises – can get help from portion control tips.

4. Eliminate the Negativity Around

Eliminate the negativity around

Try removing everything that has a negative impact on your surroundings, just concentrate on your mind. This could include excess hoteling, midnight chunks, snacks in your kitchen cabinet, etc. It could even be your social media accounts triggering you to feel bad about yourself. Or this could be your untidy living space, toxic relationships, or a job you hate.

These are the common areas that severely influence a human mind, body, and soul. Hence it is worth considering what aspects of your life need detoxing before stepping into your wellness journey. This is another important step to follow 10 tips to start your wellness journey.

5. Get Support for Yourself

Get support for yourself

At this step, you have to evaluate how prepared you are to face challenging times in the wellness pathway. There will be times when You will get frustrated from healthy food tastes, or you might not see any progress in weight loss or you’ll find it difficult to concentrate your mind into meditation. These will be the times to get support, as it is an integral part of any journey to keep boosting energy levels.

You can join an online group or partner up with a friend with the same goals. The benefit will be their accountable behavior when you start making excuses, they’ll encourage you to keep going and may also become a valuable source of relevant information. If you are not comfortable sharing your goals with others, you can also install apps to track your progress and get reminders.

Keep yourself boosted as your wellness journey will also hit the days when you feel proud of yourself for achieving your set goal. At those times you may want a person on your side to share your achievements, so a friend or some team can be a helping hand there too.

6. Track Your Progress

Track your progress

The wellness journey is not a one-day transformation, so at some points, you may feel very little change or like nothing is happening. That’s why tracking your journey is a vital part from the very start. You can make notes in your journal, record videos, take photos, or use an app, whatever way you are comfortable with to keep monitoring your daily progress.

Make sure to choose a single tracking option to focus on. This will enhance your chances of growth – by keeping the tracking process simple, which otherwise with multiple tracking options can get complicated. Also, it will help in understanding how much time you have consistently given to one practice – such as you are done with 5 minutes of meditation from 2 weeks – and now are ready to add a progressive step to it.

7. Be Strong and Resilient

Be strong and resilient

In your wellness journey, you are going to encounter obstacles first, despite your best intentions, or things might get worse before you start noticing improvement. For example, you may strike depression for skipping your favorite food, you may get an injury during exercise, you may not focus your mind on meditation, or you may fall completely. But in those times ask yourself ‘It’s okay’ get your mind up, dust off failure thoughts, and restart from where you are at the moment.

8. Love Yourself First

Love yourself first

Of course, self-love is important, push yourself to be your best version but make sure it’s coming from a place of love only, not from self-obsession. Be kind to yourself and show encouragement and compassion. Focus on your achievements at the times of fall. Acknowledge your progress and in breakthroughs keep rewarding yourself. Most of all celebrate your wins.

Self-love is crucial because it is the foundation of every wellness journey. We often fail in personal modifications because we don’t feel worthy of love, and keep prioritizing other people or things. Taking good care of yourself – body, mind, and soul is not selfish or a luxury, it’s a requirement an essential element for overall well-being. Therefore, consciously select yourself and treat it crucially matter to you.

9. Use Your Inspiration as a Motivation

Use your inspiration as a motivation

Get an answer to who inspires you the most in the wellness world. There are numerous people who already have mastered and achieved their wellness journey or at least are far ahead of you in their wellness path. They are sharing their challenges, overcomes, and achievements on social media, TV, or maybe in your surroundings. You can learn from their journeys to prepare yourself for what it’s going to be like in a wellness process.

Certainly, you don’t need to blindly follow someone, as the wellness journey comes along different paths for everyone. But taking inspiration from someone’s health journey is what prepares you for the worst and gives hope for the best.

Do not wait for the time when you feel your wellness process is not worthy of the effort to look up to those people for inspiration. Instead, include them in your life – read their books, newsletters, blog posts, or watch videos or podcasts, whatever way you like the most.

You can add beginner tips into your routine suggested by your favorite well-being person. Or you can take inspiration from people who highlight budget-friendly and time-saving wellness methods. Apply anything that attracts you the most, to feel motivated, encouraged, inspired, and empowered.

10. Centralize Your Own Journey

Centralize your own journey

Get inspiration, but do not get caught up in what others prefer. Select a wellness practice that meets your needs and suits your thoughts. Don’t do it just because your favorite celebrity is doing it or because it looks appealing. For instance, if someone is doing intermittent fasting for 18 hours and you are a food lover, don’t starve yourself, instead reduce your portion size or wind up your dinner before 3 hours of sleeping time. Choose a pattern that doesn’t get over your nerves or makes you discontented shortly after applying.

In a nutshell, your wellness journey is like any other journey and is a process that requires planning and consistency. Of course, few journeys are spontaneous but wellness is not one of them, yet it’s worth taking the path. Following the 10 tips to start your wellness journey will help you to achieve your goal of being well. But keep one thing in mind you cannot make your soul happy and healthy by incorporating a thirty-minute exercise, it requires much more than just a physical activity. To get inner peace, exercise can be a part of your health but it’s not a complete solution to be healthy and fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wellness is so important?

Wellness is it’s crucial for your mind, body, and soul. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and also prevents and manages chronic illnesses. Most of all being well is a state that increases your productivity and happiness. You can have a look at the 10 tips to start your wellness journey explained in the article above.

What is the modern idea of wellness?

Wellness is an active lifestyle, incorporating mental, physical, and social well-being. These concepts together ensure a person’s overall state of health and need to be properly addressed. You can start with small things explained in this article 10 tips to start your wellness journey.

What are the most important aspects to start your wellness journey?

Most of all, start with small things, decide what you want to change in your life, and what you want to eliminate from your life. Be realistic that it’s a time-consuming process and remove negativity from your surroundings.
Start loving yourself and take out few minutes for yourself no matter how tough your routine is. Finally, it’s going to be your journey specifically, take inspiration from others but don’t overshadow your needs and pathway. For more details let’s have a look at the detailed explanation of 10 tips to start your wellness journey.


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