Bloom Nutrition Review: Is it Good for You?

Bloom Nutrition Review: Is it Good for You

You might have recently encountered a health brand Bloom Nutrition on social media platforms – specifically on TikTok. This is not something new in this category so why is it taking TikTok by storm? The reason might be that Bloom Nutrition comes in six flavors and is low in carbohydrates and calories. These are quite convincing properties for most lifestyles and dietary plans.

Are Bloom Nutrition Greens good enough to rely on? In this review, we’ll delve into the details of this viral dietary supplement to explore the truth. We will also look at its ingredients and nutritional facts alongside whether is it worth all the claims the company has or is not worth buying.

Bloom Nutrition Greens at a Glance

Price: $40 ($39.99) + shipping charges – 30 days serving pack

           $80 ($79.99) + shipping charges – 60 days serving pack

Intended Use: A supplement containing properties of superfoods and greens

Side effects: Bloating is very common

What is Bloom Nutrition?

What is Bloom Nutrition?

Bloom Nutrition is a health brand created by a married couple in 2019. The couple wanted to create flavored health supplements with natural ingredients. Now its products can be purchased online and are also available in more than 6000 retail stores.

Currently, it is offering:

  • Most importantly Bloom Nutrition Greens
  • Collagen peptides powder
  • Pre-workout
  • Whey isolate protein
  • High-energy pre-workout
  • Mood lift vitamins
  • Multivitamins
  • Fish oil vitamins

Claims of Bloom Nutrition Greens

The company claims that its products specifically Bloom Greens can support your aid digestion and gut health alongside boosting energy. Bloom Nutrition also states that due to dairy-free probiotics and digestive enzymes used in the formulation – the product helps reduce bloating. The Bloom Greens are labeled as dairy-free and gluten-free and are claimed to be effective for:

  • Bloating
  • Energy
  • Digestion

Key Features of Bloom Nutrition Products

The woman Mari Llewellyn of married coupled (launched the brand) was new to the fitness scene at that moment. She realized that the supplement industry needs healthy and tasty products containing high-quality ingredients (according to the Bloom Nutrition website). Bloom Nutrition Greens are the company’s best-selling products that got hype on social media platforms. Some of their key features are:

  • The blend of seven different ingredients – including digestive enzyme blend and fiber blend
  • Dairy, soy, and gluten-free
  • Claims to have organic vegetables and fruit properties inside

6 Basic Nutrients that Your Body Needs

If you are concerned about the essential nutrients that our body needs and how much of their quantity is required daily – you can give a thorough reading to the article. The article clearly explains the demand and sources of essential nutrients which can surely help you stay in good health and wellness.

Pros and Cons of Bloom Nutrition Products

Manufactured in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)Not have certified third-party testing of its quality and ingredients
The sweet taste makes it easy to consumeThe amount of ingredients in a package is not sufficient to support many health benefits
Comes along with a serving spoon for accurate measurementClaimed health benefits are not approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
Gluten and soy-freeCannot replace fresh vegetables and fruit servings
It’s digestive enzymes and fiber blend supports the digestive systemSome users find that Bloom Nutrition is a bit pricey brand

How Does Bloom Nutrition Greens Work?

How Does Bloom Nutrition Greens Work - Bloom Nutrition

It is a fine green powder that aims to supplement your body with essential elements. You can also add it to your existing intake of superfoods and greens – some superfood examples are broccoli or berries (foods that naturally contain crucial nutrients). The Bloom Nutrition Greens comes under a plastic tub packaging with a prominent green-colored label. There is a scoop inside to measure each serving accurately.  

The scoop size for one serving is 5.05 grams and the company suggests one or two servings per day as per your requirement. The recommendations are to blend a scoop of Bloom Greens powder with eight to twelve fluid ounces of water. You can also use your favorite drink instead of plain water. The brand claims it’s a dairy-free product that helps sort your stomach issues as well.

A Close Look at the Bloom Nutrition Greens Ingredients

A Close Look at the Bloom Nutrition Greens Ingredients

Evaluating the standard of Bloom Nutrition ingredients is tricky because of two reasons.

  1. Firstly, you cannot find the list of individual quantities of all ingredients on the label. On the contrary, the ingredients are grouped as “Green Superfood Blend” and “Fiber Blend” and you can read the total amount for one blend. That’s why you remain unable to know how much you are going to consume of a specific vegetable, fruit, or probiotic.
  2. Secondly, the products of Bloom Nutrition are not third-party tested. They are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This means you only have to depend on the claims which brand itself states. The products are produced in a cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. However, this is the only third-party testing step that does not include the testing of the contents of the supplement.

Let’s break down each blend of Bloom Nutrition Greens as per specific ingredients to highlight how beneficial they can be for your health. However, the public and users have mixed Bloom Nutrition Reviews.

Fiber Blend

The first blend on the label of Bloom Greens is fiber blend. It includes 1.6 grams total of organic flaxseed and chicory root alongside apple fruit powder. Flaxseed is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and also helps in preventing diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. Chicory regulates appetite, promotes healthy digestion, and helps in reducing the risks of digestive diseases.

Bloom Greens does not supply all the fiber content your body demands for an active day. However, one scoop can give you about six to eight percent of your daily requirement.

Green Superfood Blend

The superfood blend is the only portion of this product that contains organic ingredients. The blend includes five distinct foundational green powders – making a total of 1.4 milligrams.  

  • Organic Spirulina Powder
  • Organic alfalfa leaf powder
  • Organic barley grass powder
  • Organic chlorella powder
  • Organic wheatgrass powder

There are numerous benefits when these superfoods work together, such as flavonoids and antioxidants. All of these ingredients also possess numerous individual benefits, for instance, barley grass is good for enhancing immunity and better sleep.

To attain the beneficial effects of these ingredients our bodies require a certain amount of every element. However, Bloom nutrition greens servings contain less than the amount needed for proper effect. Also, the label highlights the amounts of blends but does not break down each ingredient – making it a bit confusing for the user.

Pre and Probiotic Blend

The blend combines three probiotic strains:

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum

And one prebiotic:

  • Blue agave inulin

The total for these ingredients together is 648 milligrams. These ingredients can support gut health as per theories. There’s no evidence about their colony-forming units – a crucial distinction while determining whether the probiotic is effective.

Vegetable and Fruit Blend

The vegetable and fruit blend includes:

  • Beetroot
  • Kale leaf powder
  • Spinach powder
  • Organic carrot powder
  • Ginger root extract
  • Blueberry powder
  • Broccoli powder

The total for these ingredients is 572 milligrams. Moreover, all these ingredients together provide flavonoids, antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals. They have a lot of benefits like carrot powder is rich in vitamins C and E and promotes eye health. Similarly, beetroot provides betalains which reduce the risk of various chronic diseases.

Antioxidant Beauty Blend

The blend includes superfoods and additional fruit ingredients. The combination contains a total of 550 milligrams and the ingredients are:

  • Strawberry fruit powder
  • Tart cherry fruit powder
  • Cranberry fruit powder
  • Grape seed extract
  • Matcha green tea leaf
  • Goji berry
  • Horseradish tree leaf
  • Elderberry fruit extract
  • Raspberry fruit juice powder
  • Acai fruit extract

The name itself suggests that the prominent advantage is its antioxidant load. They all are rich in minerals and vitamins as well as high in antioxidants. For instance, tart cherry juice helps in recovering after exercise like soreness and inflammation.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

The blend contains distinct enzymes that work synthetically along with pre and probiotics to support gut health. It includes:

  • Amylase
  • Protease
  • Cellulase
  • Acid protease
  • Maltodextrin
  • Amyloglucosidase
  • Lipase

The total for these ingredients is 150 milligrams. The included enzymes help in nutrient absorption by assisting your body to break down its food. Different enzymes help break down different macronutrients like lipase breaks down fats and protease breaks down protein.

Adaptogenic Blend

This blend focuses on stress management as adaptogens improve the ways your body responds and reacts to stress. It helps in making you physically more resilient. The ingredients also support energy levels, improve cognitive function, and boost the immune system. The blend is of a total of 100 milligrams and specifically contains:

  • Eleuthero root powder
  • American ginseng root extract
  • Astragalus root powder
  • Ashwagandha root powder

Trace Ingredients

There are some minimal ingredients in Bloom Greens as well. Which includes natural flavors, stevia leaf extract to provide a sweetened flavor without calories, and citric acid that acts like a preservative.

Is Bloom Nutrition Worth the Cost?

When we talk about the cost of Bloom Nutrition products – they have mixed reviews as it’s competitively a bit high.

Some find it worth spending because of the high quality and few organic ingredients included in the supplement. Additionally, the product offers comparatively a much better taste in comparison to numerous other brands specifically its greens. The brand also offers surprise gifts and exclusive deals quite often which is effective marketing and attracts many.

Most people find it a bit pricy in comparison to the composition of the ingredients the company offers. Because of the zero clearance about every ingredient and no third-party verification, some feel it should come at a little less cost. Some reviews also say the products have a strong artificial flavor and do not taste like pure organic product so needs to reduce charges.

Bloom Nutrition Reviews by Customers

The products of Bloom Nutrition specifically Bloom Greens have mixed customer reviews.  

Bloom Nutrition Customer Review
Bloom Nutrition Greens Review
Bloom Nutrition Reviews

In a nutshell, Bloom Nutrition products specifically Bloom Greens are fine to use but come with a strong artificial taste. The products have a better texture in comparison to other flavor products in the market. However, there are only a few organic ingredients inside every blend and it does not have third-party testing approval. Most importantly, there are no details about the quantity of every ingredient on labels which often confuse consumers. Some users also felt that it does not efficiently work for your bloating and is a bit pricy.

Is Bloom Nutrition good for you?

Similar to any other product in the market, brand products come with specific pros and cons. Bloom products are made with high-quality ingredients including organic elements, fruits, and vegetables. The aim is to provide essential nutrients to the body like to support digestive health and to boost energy levels. On the contrary, you can not exactly get to know how much of each ingredient you are consuming as there are no specific details on the labels of Bloom products.

Does Bloom Nutrition work?

The bloom products have the potential to work but a consumer does not get to know how effectively it’s working if they use it for a small period. Secondly, some find it is not very effective on bloating as described in its specifications. There are mixed reviews and according to them, it worked differently for different people.


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